Why You Should Use HideMyAss

Voted as the best VPN in 2012, HideMyAss has grown tremendously since then, to become one of the most reliable VPN service all over the world. It provides the widest VPN server coverage, as compared to other service providers. This means that it offers the best value for money. Base in the UK, this VPN company
provides a wide range of internet privacy tools, which are designed to provide protection in various ways. It provides you with anonymity as you conduct web searches, while enabling you to unlock geo-restricted websites. Here are more reasons why you should use HideMyAss.

Broadest VPN Coverage

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of HideMyAss, is the broad server coverage. With 374 VPN servers, which are located in more than 53 countries, featuring over 44,000 IP addresses to choose from, HideMyAss has the broadest VPN server coverage, as compared to others in the market. Due to its extensive geographical coverage, its users are able to enjoy three main things, increased anonymity, speed and reliability. hidemyass

The speed of a VPN connection is affected by various factors, which include server load, network congestion, as well as average distance from a server. Among these factors, average distance from a server is the most crucial. Since HideMyAss has the largest number of VPN servers around the globe, there is always a server nearby thus guaranteeing you fast connection.

In addition to that, with over 44,000 IP addresses to select from, you are assured of maximum anonymity as well as security. This is achieved by changing IP addresses randomly, making it impossible for anyone to track your activities.

You can also use the HideMyAss Pro and use the rotating IP address feature, which allows you to automate the process. Additionally, with HideMyAss servers located in more than 50 countries, you can live in those countries virtually. This gives you access to regionally restricted content.

Great Value

Among the numerous VPN services currently available, HideMyAss provides the best value for money. It has some of the simplest pricing options. Other VPN services break their packages into Deluxe, Premium, and unlimited packages. However, with HideMyAss, there is only one major package to choose from, while the discounts are based on the length of subscription.

You can choose from 1month, 6 months or even annually, and the features and services remain the same. The only difference is that you save more when you subscribe for a longer service. Most VPN services tend to charge users more, when they exceed the allocated bandwidth.

Others require you to subscribe for a different account, if you want to use the service on your mobile device. Contrary to that, HideMyAss provides every customer with unlimited data transfer, as well as the ability to connect two devices simultaneously.

Powerful VPN Software

Packed with numerous advanced features, HideMyAss Pro is one of the most powerful VPN software currently on the market. It can be installed Windows, Mac, as well as Linux, using the Alpha version.

Although you can use it without their software, it is always advisable to install the software, if you want to access advanced features like load balancing, Speed guide, Secure IP bind and Scheduled IP changes. The following are some of the notable features that come with HideMyAss Pro VPN.

– Speed Guide: Speed is one of the most important aspects of any VPN service. Using the speed guide feature in HideMyAss Pro VPN, you can check the speed of connection to every server, and then select the fastest ones.

– Scheduled IP Changes: With the HideMyAss Pro VPN, you can put IP address changes, into autopilot mode. This feature allows you to change the IP addresses, at your preferred interval. This helps to increase your online anonymity.

– Secure IP bind: This feature allows you to specify the applications on your device, which should access the internet. It works like a firewall for regulating internet traffic. This also prevents anonymous downloads from applications like BitTorrent.

Summing Up

Online security is a serious issue these days. Therefore, you need to do everything possible, to ensure that your information does not fall in the wrong hands. One of the best ways to achieve that is using a VPN. Currently, there are many VPNs on the market. However, none compares to HideMyAss. It is designed to provide anonymity at the highest levels, while safeguarding your information and browsing activity. With server locations in almost every corner of the globe, it is easy to see why HideMyAss continues to be a market leader in the VPN service provision. Click here to learn more about HideMyAss.